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Roux at The Landau (GBW1B1JA) • 0 reviews about this brunch

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Bohème Kitchen Bar (BKB) (LDR) • 1 reviews on this brunch

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In trendy and pleasant Soho, London artistic type and those who love to see and be seen will enjoy mingling on a Saturday or Sunday and dining out at a restaurant buffet brunch. Week-end meals may be cheaper for children and the whole family can enjoy individual and original experiences in the district. Soho is known for its film studios and cultural offerings. It is a mixed district of industry, commerce, and entertainment with many fine restaurants and clubs. Week-ends the area comes alive and you can find trendy shops, record stores and much more when you disembark from your bus or train. Pedestrian travel is recommended on a Saturday or Sunday as streets are often closed off to cars on the week-end. Shop for cheap deals or lounge and relax as you enjoy an ample buffet brunch for the whole family. Children may enjoy the local street entertainers and green spaces. Public transportation is available to Soho from multiple areas of London. When getting ready for a Sunday or Saturday brunch buffet, plan your route and you should have no difficulty getting the family to your restaurant. There is the underground at Oxford Circus Station which offers cheap rides for children and there are several bus routes, Nottinghill Gate, Tottingham Court Road, and stops in between and around the original Soho district. Children will enjoy a short walk from the bus to the restaurant and afterwards, it is nice to relax on the bus or subway while it carries you home after your lovely brunch.



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