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16 Headingley Lane

LS62AS Leeds


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- /10

Description by the editorial board

A very good balance between good food, outdoor seating, good music and enough indoor seating, that’s what LS6 is. This establishment is one of the trendiest places in Leeds. Every day they serve breakfast between 9 am and 4pm and brunch between 12 pm and 4 pm. The decor is clean, comfortable and cozy. The staff is very helpful and friendly.

In the breakfast menu you will find fry ups like the Yorkshire breakfast or the breakfast muffins. Some eggs like eggs royale or huevos rancheros. Some sweet dishes such as French toast and toast & jam.
In the brunch menu you will find nachos and burrito. But alos nibble like the soup of the day or wasabi peanuts. Some sandwiches and wraps are available too. For those on a diet, you are not forgotten, some salads are on the menu.