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The Old Post Office Building

LS12AN Leeds


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Description by the editorial board

Situated in the center of City Square, in the Old Post Office building, the restaurant Bar & Grill provides brunch every day. The decor inside is beautiful, airy and full of natural and unnatural light. There is also a great terrace to enjoy sunny days. The food there is classic and inspired by seasonal ingredients. Products used to cook the food are top quality.

In the menu you will find a bakery part including toast and croissants. There is also a fresh fruit, yoghurt and cereal part. The eggs part includes dishes like scrambled eggs with smoked salmon or eggs benedict. A sandwiches part exists too. Last but not least, the menu includes a full English breakfast. To accompany your meals, there is a wide selection of smoothies, juices, coffees, teas and infusions.

Looking for a sunny brunch near a landmark in Leeds? Restaurant Bar & Grill!