Brunch The Modern Pantry
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47-48 St John's Square, London EC1V 4JJ

LDR Londres


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Description by the editorial board

Modern comes from the Latin term modernus; pertaining to, or characteristic of the current period. It conjures up the excitement of something new, fresh and original.
Pantry comes from the Latin word panis, meaning bread. A pantry is a cupboard or room which houses the necessities of life...
Together, these two words embody The Modern Pantry's philosophy.

The Modern Pantry offers brunch every weekend, Saturday and Sunday menus are different.
A wide range of menu is available:

- Croissant (£1.70)
- Pain au chocolat (£2)
- The Modern Pantry fruit salad, lime & rose syrup (£6.50)
- Grilled cornbread, chorizo, a fried egg, charred sweetcorn, avocado & red pepper salsa (£8.80)
- Passionfruit, orange, banana & honey smoothie (£4.50)

The restaurant assures freshness of produce. The table service is perfect.