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7 Spiceal Street

B54BH Birmingham


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Description by the editorial board

Located in the Bullring Shopping Centre, the Browns Restaurant is open every day of the week for a quality brunch, as was the service that accompanies it.

So you can start brunch choosing from the various options offered by the restaurant. The card will delight guests with the choice and variety of dishes.
So you can, with a hot or cold drink chosen separately, enjoy a quality brunch as you wish, and prepared with care.
With joy you will taste the traditional brunch eggs in several forms, or enjoy the vegetarian brunch. For purists, the traditional brunch is available for your enjoyment.
The greediest can add a dessert to their brunch with a pastry or a fresh fruit salad.

Feel free to walk in the Bullring Shopping Centre to digest brunch while admiring the shop windows.