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16-18 Great Western Arcade

5HU2T Birmingham


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Description by the editorial board

Situated in a romantic hotel, restoring Victoria will welcome you with the smile for a classic but quality brunch. The relaxed and comfortable decoration will allow you to cross a pleasant moment together with your close friends.

First of all a hot and fresh drink will be proposed to you to accompany you throughout the meal.
Then you will taste the brunch compound of eggs, accompanied with sausages and chips, then of slices of buttered toast. Cereal and fruits can be added to this menu for a note of lightness.
You can conclude the brunch by parts of tarts or home-made cakes, the quality of which will delight you.

Once the brunch was finished, you will take pleasure to trail round you in the park where is Birminham Cathedral which you can visit and appreciate by its architecture and its beauty.